In a bid to see some of the smaller parks near London, I decided to trek from South Norwood to the banks of the Thames. Along the way, I checked out Crystal Palace’s Selhurst Park (capacity 26, 309), which was at that point a League One stadium–at the end of the season they gained promotion to the Premier League. Again, I was not able to get in, but I got some good pictures of the Stadium’s brick wall, as well as the surrounding neighborhood. It looked alot like the industrial areas of New England (unsurprisingly), where I am from, which made me wonder–for a moment–why I was spending British Pounds and getting poorer by the day for it. After that split second I resumed my walk, content with a grey afternoon in the old world. As a note, I’d like to draw attention to the second to last photo–I regularly go to matches with tools, so I’m glad they warned me ahead of time. The last photo is of the author getting in the spirit of Crystal Palace FC.


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