I visited Chattanooga, Tennessee in May to see an old friend. During my time there I was in for two very pleasant surprises. The first—and what makes this post relevant to this blog—was that Chattanooga is home to a soccer team. The second—and what makes this post relevant to readers at large—is that Chattanooga is perhaps one of the most European cities in America.

The city is easily navigable by foot, is home to an amazing art museum, has a beautiful riverfront, has a number of great restaurants located in the down town area, and—yes, it is easily navigable by foot! This is Chattanooga’s greatest quality. I spent over five hours wandering the streets without a hint of boredom, ducking into the city’s small shops while feeling as if I were anywhere but the United States. The fact that there was a soccer stadium (the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s Finley Stadium Davenport Field) within walking distance of the downtown area was a bonus, the fact that I could not get a jersey was unfortunate. Luckily, the team sold a few of last season’s jerseys online later in the year, when I was able to procure one.



Chattanooga FC’s Home Stadium


The Beautiful Tennessee River



A Beautiful Old Railway Bridge Converted into a Pedestrian Bridge