This is another beautiful shirt, a match worn Zorya Luhansk shirt worn by ex-Dinamo Kiev Striker Nigerian Lucky Idahor ( While I did not get this shirt in Luhansk, the story is still interesting. I returned to the Dinamo store where I had gotten the goalkeeper shirt a day earlier in order to inquire about the availability of an Arsenal Kiev shirt anywhere in the city. I was told that there was no such store, as Arsenal Kiev (the former CSKA Kiev) did not even have a stadium or fans so as to have a store. When they heard that I had a collection of football shirts, however, an old man called me into a back room, took out a plastic bag and started throwing the match worn shirts of various Ukrainian teams onto a table like Gatsby. My heart started beating fast and I started to tear up since I was in some sort of heaven and, once I beat back the tears of joy and collected myself, I started inspecting the shirts. This was the only large the man had available; its interesting Nike design coupled with the Ukrainian premier league badge on the right arm and cyrillic characters for the name made it an obvious choice.

IMG-20130730-01338 IMG-20130730-01339