This is a very good quality Beşiktaş shirt from the last season that the team was sponsored by Umbro, match worn and signed by German midfielder Fabian Ernst. Ernst’s hard working style of play made him a fan favorite at the Beşiktaş Inönü Stadium while also earning the admiration of others around the league. He has since left Turkish football following a stint at Istanbul side Kasımpaşa, but his status as a gentlemanly player lives on. One can tell that this shirt is match worn due to the silver outline around the numbers, which did not exist in replicas. Also, the fabric is a bit softer.

For me this is a special shirt because it came from a friend, Berkay Can, who gave it to me as a contribution to my collection. Due to the Çarşı group’s involvement in the Gezi Park protests recently I have a soft spot for Beşiktaş shirts, and this one is no different.

My unending thanks go to Berkay Can for this superb Kara Kartal Shirt.

IMG-20130903-01398 IMG-20130903-01400 IMG-20130903-01399

The signature is visible here, unfortunately the flash brought out the lines in the fabric here.


Fabian Ernst himself in action for Beşiktaş.