The Stockholm Olympic Stadium, built for the 1912 Olympics and designed by architect Torben Grut, may well be one of the most unique football stadiums in the world. Its coziness–it only seats about 14,000 people–and wooden benches really speak for the character of Northern Europe in my opinion. Outside, the gates and brick facade reminded me of the buildings on Ivy League  campuses back home. It used to be the home of Djurgardens IF before they moved to the Tele2 Arena in another sad victory for industrial football. I sincerely hope that this historical relic is never demolished to make way for something “new”. In a nearby Djurgardens fan hang-out I was able to find a fading picture of the 2001 Djurgardens squad lining up in the stadium–it is the last picture of this gallery.


The Ivy League:

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We’re not in Kansas anymore, we’re in Northern Europe:

IMG_0018 IMG_0019 IMG_0022

The glory days: