I found this nice match worn Neftochimic Burgas shirt online following my visit to the Lazur Neftochimic stadium where I was sadly unable to obtain a Neftochimic shirt (I did, however, find a Chernomorets shirt with the same sponsor). This is definitely a really nice shirt, starting with the green and black color combination. Not only is it longsleeved but it is also a classic puma design, one of my favorites from the mid 1990s. This classic template was used across Europe, most famously by the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Eintracht Frankfurt. I also like the screen printed number 9 on the back for sentimental personal reasons–after all, I played (and still play when I get the chance) as a striker. I’ll grab a few goals here and there, but don’t look for me to beat anyone with my dribbling skills.


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