There are times that a nation turns its teary eyes in unison to disasters so horrific that it seems nothing else matters. Today is one of those days in Turkey. At the latest count at least 201 miners have been reported dead in a mine explosion in Soma, a city in Western Turkey’s Manisa province. Energy Minister Taner Yildiz (of cat fame) reported that of the 787 miners who had been inside (2 Kilometers—1.2 Miles—below the surface) at the time of the explosion, just 360 have been accounted for.

Days like this are also ones where sport can help bring people together in the face of tragedy, regardless of nationality. The major Turkish football clubs sent their condolences immediately and the most interesting message came from Liverpool FC in England. Following the Hillsborough disaster the team is no stranger to tragedy, and it is refreshing that the team should reach out to Turkey in a show of empathy. Turkish media reports that Liverpool’s official Facebook account posted this message of solidarity with the miners and their families ( and


Liverpool FC-Turkey’s Twitter account showed a shortened version of the same message.

While it will take some time for things to settle in Turkey and for the blame game between the opposition and the ruling party to subside (since this kind of thing should never happen in a developed country where mining is so prevalent)—it is refreshing to see humanity at its best as reflected through football clubs. No matter where you live or how you live, human life matters.

Below is the amateur football team Soma Spor Kulubu’s website which today displays their badge on a coal black background. My thoughts and prayers go out to the miners and their families on this dark day. Herkese başsağlığı diliyorum.


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