Everyone knows that I love football and politics. But I also value hard work and professionalism. Apparently the folks at Fifa.com share my first passion but not the rest, which was glaringly lacking. After Turkey’s 0-4 drubbing at the hands of Brazil last night the mood was understandably subdued. Then Fifa.com came to the rescue, giving us all something to laugh about.

Here is an excerpt of Fifa.com’s match story:

Neymar opened the scoring after 19 minutes when he picked up a cross from Fernandinho before dribbling the ball into the area and stabbing it past a static Suleyman Demirel in the Turkish goal.

Five minutes later it was 2-0 when defender Suat Kaya put through his own goal under pressure from debutant Luiz Adriano who was trying to reach a cross from Danilo.

To Brazil fans and casual football fans this may all seem normal. But to those more educated in Turkish football—and Turkish politics—the text is ridiculous. It certainly wasn’t missed by the folks at Futbolarena.com and NTVspor.net.


Image Courtesy Of: http://www.futbolarena.com/haber/158589/fifadan-skandal-turkiye-hatalari.html

While Neymar is an amazing footballer, even I could stab a ball past a “static Suleyman Demirel”, seeing as how Süleyman Demirel is now a healthy ninety years young! Mr. Demirel is one of Turkey’s most famous politicians, having served as Prime Minister seven times between 1965 and 1993 and president from 1993 to 2000.

As for “Defender Suat Kaya” putting it through his own goal, even that would be a stretch—Suat Kaya retired eleven years ago after a strong career that saw him lift the 2000 UEFA cup and UEFA Super Cup as a midfield anchor for Galatasaray.

Thankfully, Fifa.com has since corrected their amazing error by inserting the correct names into the story: Fenerbahce’s Goalkeeper Volkan Demirel and Galatasaray Defender Semih Kaya. I still wonder if anyone lost their jobs over this one . . .

Perhaps the addition of these two older players into the squad was the reason for the disappointing loss?


Image Courtesy of: http://www.haberler.com/gaziantep-buyuksehir-belediyespor-suat-kaya-ile-3-5237446-haberi/





Image Courtesy of: http://www.tccb.gov.tr/sayfa/cumhurbaskanlarimiz/suleyman_demirel/