Skonto Riga 1996-1997, Home Shirt 27

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A classic Adidas design from the mid 1990s in the same vein as the Levski Sofia shirt seen here. I got this one from a fellow collector since I just didn’t think that the Skonto shirt I got at the Skonto Stadium was really representative of the team—after all, the maroon color used for this design is the same maroon of the Latvian flag. The “27” here is screen printed onto the shirt’s fabric, which is the standard Adidas fabric from the era.

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Latvia 1994-1995, Away Shirt 10

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After visiting Latvia (and gaining a love for the country) I was lucky enough to come across this beautiful shirt for sale on the internet. It is truly a stunning one, as many of the Adidas “basket weave” patterned shirts are (think Germany’s 1994 World Cup shirt) when the national colors are arranged perfectly around the collar. The Black and maroon look great on the white background, and the small details—like the Adidas writing in the numbers on the back—make this shirt even more special. The badge is embroidered onto the shirt, while the numbers on the front and back are screen printed in a quality material.


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FC Skonto 2013 Away Shirt


After an amusing night of watching Galatasaray of Istanbul hold Juventus of Turin to a draw in the UEFA Champions League at an Irish bar in the old town of Riga I woke up with the taste of Black Balzams in my mouth and a thirst for…my soccer shirt. Indeed I made it out to the Skonto Stadium and promptly picked up an FC Skonto shirt for 20 Latvian Lats. The shirt is made by a German brand, Jako, and it marks my first shirt from that brand–a milestone of sorts. I chose navy blue over the traditional red of FC Skonto because 1) I have many red shirts and 2) the tree on the “Granat” sponsorship stands out better on the navy.