FC Zorya Luhansk 2011-12 Home Shirt, Matchworn

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This is another beautiful shirt, a match worn Zorya Luhansk shirt worn by ex-Dinamo Kiev Striker Nigerian Lucky Idahor (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucky_Idahor). While I did not get this shirt in Luhansk, the story is still interesting. I returned to the Dinamo store where I had gotten the goalkeeper shirt a day earlier in order to inquire about the availability of an Arsenal Kiev shirt anywhere in the city. I was told that there was no such store, as Arsenal Kiev (the former CSKA Kiev) did not even have a stadium or fans so as to have a store. When they heard that I had a collection of football shirts, however, an old man called me into a back room, took out a plastic bag and started throwing the match worn shirts of various Ukrainian teams onto a table like Gatsby. My heart started beating fast and I started to tear up since I was in some sort of heaven and, once I beat back the tears of joy and collected myself, I started inspecting the shirts. This was the only large the man had available; its interesting Nike design coupled with the Ukrainian premier league badge on the right arm and cyrillic characters for the name made it an obvious choice.

IMG-20130730-01338 IMG-20130730-01339

FC Dinamo Kiev 2012-13 Goalkeeper Shirt, Matchworn

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This is a very nice shirt. It is a match worn/player issue goalie shirt of 4th(!) goalkeeper Heorhiy Buschan (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heorhiy_Buschan). The material is thicker than that of a normal shirt, and it is Formotion–always the hallmark of a player issue shirt. The Ukrainian League badge on the right arm and Mitsubishi sponsorship on the left arm add an extra aura of authenticity to this shirt. Another good find, especially since I attended one of their matches.

IMG-20130728-01297 IMG-20130728-01298 IMG-20130728-01299 IMG-20130728-01300

FC Obolon Kiev Home Shirt

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This is (what I assume to be) the Obolon Kiev home shirt made by Puma. I was surprised the second division team had a store, and I was even more surprised to find that their shirt was, at 345 Ukrainian Gryvna, more expensive than the shirt of a first division team. It is manufactured by Puma with sponsorship from Carling, even though the team is owned by the Obolon Brewery. Whats also interesting is that, given the shade of green and the cross on the badge, this shirt looks more like that of an Irish team than of a Ukrainian team.


FC Karpaty Lviv 2011-12 Away Shirt

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The Front of the Karpaty Lviv shirt I got in Lviv after visiting their Ukraina Stadium. Unfortuntely, it is the away shirt and as such is not the traditional green and white stripes that the club uses. It was, however, the only Large that the small shop had. Not too much choice, but at 235 Ukrainian Gryvnas I cant complain. The sponsor, Limo, is a local Ice cream manufacturer.