Kalevi Keskstaadion, Tallin, Estonia – Kalev Tallinn

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The Kalevi Keskstaadion, home to Kalev Tallinn, is a quintessential Eastern European concrete bowl of a stadium. It’s grey facade fit in with the grey skies under which I visited it. This aging bowl was built in 1956, when it was named the Komsomoli Staadion. It is fairly large, with a capacity of 12,000, but something tells me that it has not seen that many fans in a long long time, at least for a football match. Despite its obvious shortcomings, there was something about this stadium that warmed my heart. Perhaps it was the echoes of the past that this stadium evoked in me that pleased me, or maybe it was the fact that this stadium is still standing even after the construction of the A. Le Coq Arena that impressed me. Whatever it was, here’s to the Kalevi Keskstaadion’s defiance of the years.

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A. Le Coq Arena, Tallinn, Estonia – FC Flora Tallinn


A few views of the Le Coq arena taken the day before the match took place, the first picture is the street sign of the beautiful Katariina Kaik–St. Catherine’s Passage–in Tallinn’s old city, taken on the way to the arena. Many visiting fan groups have left their mark, including those from Spartak Moscow and Dinamo Moscow. Pictures of the same stadium during matchday can be found at the following link: A. Le Coq Arena FC Flora Tallinn-JK Narva Trans Matchday (thisisfootballislife.wordpress.com).

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A. Le Coq Arena, Tallinn, Estonia: FC Flora Tallinn-JK Narva Trans (2-0) Matchday


The Le Coq Arena is Estonia’s most modern stadium, and also the national stadium. It boasts a capacity of 9,692 in addition to luxuries such as under-soil heating. Around the stadium are smaller practice fields used by minor clubs, as well as a large sports shop (where I was able to find the jerseys I was looking for). The match write up is here.

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