Legia Warsaw 2012-2013, Away Shirt

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This shirt was purchased in the Legia shop at the team’s Pepsi Arena. The shirt is a nice modern Adidas design, sporting the team’s classic “L” badge. The Active Jet and Krolewskie sponsors are professionally applied in a felt-like material, and the red accents on the sleeves and collar match well with the sponsor–many shirts are ruined when the sponsor looks out of place. The fact that this shirt is in the team’s traditional green makes this a good addition to the collection, even if it is not vintage (Legia have some amazing vintage designs as can be seen at oldfootballshirts.com).



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Pepsi Arena, Warsaw, Poland – Legia Warsaw

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This is Legia Warsaw’s new stadium, the Pepsi Arena. Unfortunately, I was not able to get any shots of the pitch so I had to settle with pictures from outside. The other pictures are some interesting Legia Warsaw graffiti from around the city; most appeared on decaying underpasses near the stadium. In my opinion the best piece is the one of the Soviet-era Palace of Culture–a symbol of Warsaw–with the Legia badge peaking out from behind it. Much like the appearance of Thessaloniki’s White Tower (complete with Aris badge) on a banner in the stands during the Aris-PAOK match, this is another example of football ultras aiming to take ownership of an urban landmark, and in so doing assert their team’s supremacy within the city by owning the geography. The last three pictures are from the Legia museum, I included their collection of Besiktas memorabilia because, as a Turkish soccer fan, it is always interesting to see what kinds of relationships Turkish clubs have with European clubs. As a final note, the green Adidas Legia shirt in the final picture is a classic Adidas design from the mid-nineties–I would love to get my hands on that shirt! Instead, I had to settle for a modern Legia shirt which is–naturally–still a good piece.

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