This poorer quality PFC Nesebar shirt is still worth featuring as it is from Nesebar, a town (also a UNESCO world heritage site) that holds a place of fond memories in my mind having visited there a few years back. 35 Kilometers north of Nesebar is Sunny Beach—Slanchev Bryag—as is noted on the back of the shirt beneath the number 15. I only caught a short glimpse from a bus window of PFC Nesebar’s Nesebar stadium en route to Sunny Beach. Still, the classic Puma design of fading colors around the sleeve—obviously very period-ey from the mid 1990s—warrant a picture or two. To me the colors are fitting for a seaside footballing side. All details of this (very large) Extra Large sized Puma shirt are screen printed on, as is fitting for a side that currently resides in the third division of Bulgarian football, the V AFG. While I wouldn’t recommend any travelers looking for a classy vacation to visit Sunny Beach, it is still a good time for the younger crowd—sunny beaches, cheap beers, and beautiful people are always a good draw in the summer. For the more cultured I’d recommend Nesebar’s old town, as a walk through the cobblestoned streets is a romantic experience for the intrepid traveller that is not to be missed. After all, it led to the purchase of this shirt!


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For The Intrepid Traveler a Few Shots of the Beautiful Black Sea and Historic Nesebar, From My Visit:

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